• overstretchedAre your own quantity surveyors over stretched?

    We provide maximum flexibility, allowing you to use our service in line with demand throughout your financial year. Use us when you need to without the expense and difficulty of having to recruit employees.

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  • handgivingmoneyHaving problems getting paid from the main contractor?

    With over 20 years experience as quantity surveyors for main contractors, we know what "buttons to press" to get a good payment certification and for payment to be made on time.

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  • liferingDo you need short term additional help on troublesome accounts?

    No building project is ever smooth sailing, but when the going gets really rough, speak to us. Our affordable experience and flexibility ensures that help is to hand when you need it.

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  • deadlineDo you need help meeting strict tender returns deadlines?

    You're running out of time, but don't have the necessary in-house manpower to get the job done. Offload some of that work on us, we'll ensure you'll meet those deadlines!

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The 5 steps of successful quantity surveying

At K&G Construction Solutions Ltd we follow the five steps of Quantity Surveying to provide successful projects for our sub-contractors.


  • 1. Assist in the agreement of Pre-award terms and conditions and establish good working relationship with the Clients QS.
  • 2. Ensure accurate and relevant records ie:- CVI's SI's VO's etc are provided by the site team.
  • 3. Regular site inspections with the sub-contractors site team and preparation of detailed and fully backed up application for payments which are submitted on time.
  • 4. Maximise payments made by the Clients QS against submitted application for payments, by proactively influencing the payment assessment, we also follow the payment through the complete process until payment is actually made. 
  • 5. Provide Early Warning of Potential Delay and Disruption and negotiate early settlement of any issues leading to prompt Final Account submission and settlement.